Why Are Golden Goose Sneakers So Expensive? – Top Reasons 2023

Golden goose is an Italian footwear manufacturer which is known for producing distressed sneakers. Golden goose sneakers are actually very expensive and on an average they cost around $400 to $700. Actually, you might think that sneakers that look like they are used do not fetch so much money. And also the amount is too high for a pair of sneakers which look like they have trekked through mud and are used already. They design shoes specifically inspired from the skating parks which are popular in California and also the timelessness of Italian handcraft. The founders Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Ronaldo took the motto ‘perfect imperfection’ to get a unique mark on fashion. There are many reasons why golden goose sneakers are so expensive. Let’s discuss it here. 

Why Are Golden Goose Sneakers So Expensive?

To put it simply, you can describe a few factors:

  • Each pair is manufactured by hand craftsmen in Italy.
  • They are hand distressed, which actually makes them more expensive to produce.
  • Most of the Golden Goose models use various pieces of leather and patterns. 

Built Quality:

High quality products are produced by Golden Goose. They are butter soft and just the most amazing quality. Similarly like the Isabel Marant sneakers, the Golden Goose sneakers also have a hidden wedge heel which unknowingly elongates your leg.

You are definitely buying a quality shoe. They are actually an ultimately luxury product much like the Marant’s. Their appearance is shaggy and may look all beaten up. Each Golden Goose sneaker pair is made up of high quality fine leathers. 


Golden Goose, itself a brand, has been producing recognisable and unique products for years. The founders Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Ronaldo took the theme ‘perfect imperfection’ to get a unique mark on fashion.

As per the history, the brand was founded as a rebellion against the paradigms of haute couture. Its products are known for stars, scuffs, stripes etc. They are simply cool and worth the cost.

Golden Goose carries merchandise that are authentic sneakers, and became a world renowned extremely fashionable brand from Italy to the skateparks of Los Angeles.

These luxury sneakers are handcrafted on premium Italian leather. Golden Goose combined the relaxed vintage with its unique lived-in touch. The signature pre-scuffed style is the main attraction. 


You pay a lot for the brand name usually to get their unique iconic products. Golden Goose has manufactured a recognisable and unique footwear product which is popularly known for the stars, scuffs, stripes etc.

So people buy them as they want to be seen wearing. The price of the product is also unique and maintains the individuality. High costs rescue the brand from becoming too mass.

As it is expensive, not many people can afford to own a pair and also limited edition variations, the chances are high that you have a unique item. It is nice to maintain an uniqueness. 


Perfection in anything is not possible. It is impossible to get it exactly perfect. Distressing and breaking in of these sneakers would be already done for you and they have been done to perfection.

Each pair of Golden Goose sneakers is produced with a wedge built into the heel of the shoe that marks the user and inchbot so taller than their actual height. This boosts the confidence in an individual. 

Hand Finishing:

It is an amazing fact to know that all the products from Golden Goose are hand finished by Italian Craftsmen. Italians usually manufacture the most beautiful quality of leather goods.

As all know, Italians are extremely popular in manufacturing high quality leather shoes and sneakers. As these Golden Goose are handcrafted by Italian Craftsmen, you will have the uniqueness, individuality and authority in every next pair. 

Level of Comfort:

Golden Goose sneakers can be defined in one word: comfort. They are butter soft and luxury products. I hope you have felt the comfort in the leather they use in manufacturing procedure.

It ideally fits into your feet and does not let them get any tight or hard or too fit to be congested. Highly comfortable and is a butter soft. It is a high quality product in the market.

Anyways, it takes five to six times of wear for any shoe to fit the way we want it to be, Golden Goose takes that break in period out of the box by weathering the sneakers before they are kept in boxes for shipping and delivery. 


They look like a street smart shoe which seems to have seen everything. The distressed look of the shoe is not just aesthetic but it is practical.

The way they look lend themselves well to the most casual of outfits and can be used in any season. It is not amusing that they have made ugly sneakers and their look-alikes more fashionable and in-demand.

They have become a choice for many celebrities, also the pop superstars Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez and even the fashion influencers like Mandy Bork and Olivia Palermo. 

Limited Edition Variations:

There is uniqueness and individuality in the Golden Goose products. The prices of these sneakers are so high that all people cannot afford them. This is the reason why Golden Goose is rare and unique, not a mass market.

If every person has the capability to access the resource then the value of that particular thing cannot maintain its individual grace. That is why it is considered to be a limited edition variation, so it is so expensive. 

When Did Golden Goose Get Popular?

It is tough to determine when Golden Goose sneakers have gained popularity. They became so popular that it attracted many celebrities, pop superstars and also fashion influencers.

They got their start in the 1920’s when Converse signed Chuck Taylor to develop their brand. In 1936, it became the official shoe for the US basketball team because they participated in the Olympics.  Later in the 60’s and 70’s Adidas sports shoes became popular.

While in the 80’s sneakers became the popular choice through Air Jordans and Adidas Superstars.  The aesthetic look of these sneakers do not compromise the quality levels of craftsmanship and material. These sneakers have been embraced by every group like designer kicks costing hundreds of dollars to street sportswear that a teenager can afford. 

Golden Goose particularly attained popularity and success with the invention of their brand in 2000. These sneakers were the first deliberately scuffed sneakers to enter the market.

They have become highly popular and world renowned, creating a cult following and ultimately starting a trend. Golden Goose has gone too far in producing spirited and innovative products.

The worn quality of the sneakers gives an indication that this footwear has been on a well loved journey, encouraging the user to keep exploring. Luxury, beautiful, comfortable and stylish footwear are created by Golden Goose. This attracted people and the brand became popular. 

How are Golden Goose Sneakers Made?

Intentionally made, on any given pair from Golden Goose, the right shoe does not match with the left shoe perfectly. The interior lining of the sneakers is not smooth leather or unvarnished suede leather but rather it is lined with a loopback cotton toweling material that keeps your feet warm in winter and cool in summer.

This design is intentionally made because this feature ensures that your sneakers are pleasant to wear all throughout the year. They are usually the same in terms of distressing(a procedure is performed before the delivery for a pre-distressed look) but the patterns are not always similar.

Always remember that the storage and presentation box is atimes distressed as well and it differs with the model of Golden Goose. This must be definitely noted as this is not a damage or defect from handling and shipping.

They are made out of premium smooth Italian leather for extreme comfort and durability.  Italian leather is regarded as the highest leather in quality composition, adding to the product life cycle. Factory workers make a fair and livable wage. 

How Do Golden Goose Sneakers Fit?

Golden Goose shoes are made of high quality premium Italian leather, so naturally they are a bit tight when you wear them for the first time. While putting on them, I would suggest you get your true foot size as gradually the sneakers will fit to your feet.

But they tend to be wider than other sneakers. These Golden Goose sneakers have a taller leather insole which provides better comfort and cushion. In case you have the shoes already with you, didn’t you feel a bit taller while wearing them on your feet?

The height is the most added advantage with the Golden Goose sneakers, is one of the reasons why these sneakers are so popular and it also affects the fit and sizing. Golden Goose sneakers do not come in half sizes but only in whole sizes( men’s – US 6 to US 14; women’s – US 4 to US 11).

The length of the overall foot slightly shrinks because of the difference of 3 to 5 cm heel height. Not only the heel height but also the width of the shoe, so it is advised to get the size down the whole size of you are in between. For example, if your foot size is 7.5, get 7 whole sizes. They fit true to size. 

Is Golden Goose High Quality?

Golden Goose sneakers are high quality as they use premium Italian leather in their manufacture. The standard of this leather is too good and lasts forever with utmost care. The shape of the shoe is both flattering and unique with the slightly elevated heel.

Though they may look like used sneakers, they are made with the high quality materials which Italian shoes are known for – calfskin leather, premium cotton laces, loopback cotton lining and full grain leather. They are imitated many times but never duplicated. 

Are Golden Goose Cheaper in Italy?

Yes, they are cheaper in Italy at affordable prices. They end up being about $100 to $200 less expensive in Paris, Italy and all over Europe with the conversion rate and the VAT refund. 

Golden Goose Shoes Review

These street smart shoes can take you anywhere in the world. Golden Goose sneakers have become popular and gone viral. The shoes were identified by the recognizable star logo and their distressed appearance.

Golden Goose has charm on its A-list following. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Michelle Obama, Olivia Wilde, Megan Fox and Selena Gomez have brought them into the crowd. Despite the worn out look, these sneakers are of high quality.

Each pair of Golden Goose is handcrafted by Italian craftsmen using the soft and smooth premium Italian leather. Most importantly they run true to size. They are comfortable to walk in due to the wedge heel that is removable too. 

Why Do Golden Goose Sneakers Look Dirty?  

Trend is something that is beyond limits. Many of us have questions about why do golden goose sneakers look dirty? They look dirty because the founders took the motto of ” Imperfectly perfect”.

This look is already worn and made them popular in the market. Not many commoners use them but celebrities made them world famous. But not all of them look dirty, instead they have good quality handmade. They are highly expensive. 

Pros and Cons Of Golden Goose Shoes:

Golden Goose Pros:

  • Limited Variations: The brand releases new styles in less numbers and is really expensive. So that you can maintain a unique, special and almost limited edition in the crowd. 
  • Already Dirty: This dirty look had become the trend.
  • Comfortable: Golden Goose sneakers are absolutely comfortable. They look just cool with dresses and skirts as well as with jeans and loungewear.

Golden Goose Cons:

  • Sizing: At times sizing may be tricky when you order them online. If you are in between, get the size lower than the whole size as these sneakers are available only in whole sizes. 
  • Price: They are so expensive that everyone cannot afford them.

Best Golden Goose Shoes Review

1. Golden Goose Super star 

Golden Goose superstar sneakers are widely popular all over the world. They come only in whole European sizes. These Golden goose superstar sneakers were designed in 2007 and are the first prototype to start the saga of the sneakers with the GGDB star.

This model from Golden Goose has put down initiation for the new approach to thank it’s casuals. The sole is made up of rubber and they have a closure lace up system. Leather is used as a main material in construction. It is soft, light and highly fashionable.

The upper is lightweight and breathable. These sneakers are suitable for casual, floor shoes, plantar fasciitis, nursing, long standing work, walking, fishing, gardening, shopping and travel.

The high quality upper material makes the feet feel free to breathe while walking and running. The rubber sole protects your feet, tongues, ankle and feet from injury giving you more comfort. 

2. Golden Goose Tennis Old School Shoes

Golden Goose old school are trendy. The sole is made of suede that is from foiled leather or rubber sole that fits ideally and protects your feet and ankle from injuries.

This fashion sneaker features closed round toe, white flatform sole, padded footbed and collar, double grip strap and contrast star on one side. They are non-slip, lightweight and wear resistant.

These sneakers have an elegant and classic design featuring double grip strap upper with logo on it, leather lining. These simple classy fashion women slip on flats makes you more trendy and stylish.

You can wear it on occasions such as a bling dress, shopping, jogging, walking, parties. I recommend you to order online one size larger than your original foot size. 


  1. Where are golden goose sneakers made    

    Golden Goose sneakers are made in Italy. They are handcrafted in Italy by craftsmanship, made up of unique things enlightening the vintage soul of these timeless sneakers. 

  2. What does ggdb golden goose stand for ?

    GGDB stands for Golden Goose Deluxe Brand which releases new, various styles each and every season, and their shoes have subtle details and design features that make them unique. 

  3. How much are golden goose shoes?

    Golden Goose sneakers cost about $400 to $700 USD depending on the design, model and style. They are very much expensive as they are handcrafted by the craftsmen in Italy. 

  4. What is the deal with golden goose sneakers?

    As I mentioned in the above question about the costs. The deals also may vary with the style, model and demand in the particular season.

  5. When was golden goose founded?

    Golden Goose was founded by Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo in 2000. It is an Italian luxury lifestyle fashion brand known worldwide for their iconic sneakers. 

  6. Is it worth it to buy Golden Goose?

    For most people the answer is no. These sneakers are unique, handmade, trendy, comfortable, and flattering, but a huge number of colorful, distressed Golden Goose styles won't pair with many of your clothes. 

  7. Why do people pay so much for Golden Goose?

    Each pair from Golden Goose is made by hand in Italy, where factory workers make a fair, livable wage. The hand-distressed feature in fact makes them more expensive to produce than they would otherwise be if they looked 'new.


Golden Goose sneakers are known worldwide for using high quality, comfortable and unique materials and producing unique designs and styles.

Though they are luxury, the quality of the materials used in the construction ensures that they last for long time. Many of us have a question- Why Golden Goose sneakers are so expensive?

Hope after going through the entire article, you got an answer. All the above discussed features, designs about the Golden Goose are written after doing a thorough research. Keep all these things in mind and get the best golden goose sneakers you need.

They are worthy for a few people but not for a few. They are so expensive that common people cannot afford them but the unique style has won the hearts of many users. 

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