Why Are Yeezys So Expensive? 2023

Why are Yeezys are expensive? The questions users have- I strongly believe that Adidas manufactures a limited stock of Yeezy shoes for its potential buyers. When we discuss shoe production in general, it is all about sourcing countries, materials and transport. But with Yeezys the thing is distinctly different. Yeezy is ranked in ninth place in the list of hottest brands and is also known as the most influential sneaker brand. As they release a limited number of pairs, the demand is high. This creates a scarcity syndrome and the hype builds until each and every pair is sold.

Yeezy’s marketing strategy has proved successful. Branding is the main reason for its high price, Kanye West’s influence all over the world. Capitalism and hypebeast culture is also one of the reasons for high demand as the want, need and desire to have the latest trending product will always be a factor. 

How Much Do Adidas Yeezys Cost

How Much Do Adidas Yeezys Cost?

Adidas Yeezys shoes cost too much due to the fact that Adidas manufactures a limited number of pairs for their buyers, therefore when the shoe in demand the stock of the shoes get limited. Sellers take this strategy as an advantage to improve the costs and it keeps on increasing from sellers to retailers. Until it reaches the customers, the price becomes too expensive. Let me explain an example to understand why Adidas Yeezys are expensive. Assume Adidas released a Yeezy pair of 300 quantity for 1000 costing $100 for buyers. Now the probability of buying the shoes for those 1000 customers is 30%. Sellers take advantage now of all these factors and increase the price tag to $110 and later these shoes go from sellers to retailers.

At the time the Adidas Yeezy pair reaches the users, the price of the shoes changes from $100 to $140+. In this way the shoes get expensive. I have got a few websites where there are direct sellers, where retailers are not involved, and the product directly goes to the customers which makes the price of the shoes become cheap. They are worth their cost as quality is high, you will 100% get satisfied for sure. Yeezy’s brand aim is to provide high quality products to its customers all over the world. But if you feel like you live Yeezy shoes but cant afford them, then you can try Yeezys knockoffs.

How Much Are Yeezys?

You definitely couldn’t describe Yeezys as cheap and also not incredibly expensive when you look at the retail prices of the three most popular Yeezy models of shoes. It totally depends on the factors you set. They are expensive when compared with the outlet trainers like Air Max 90s and Adidas Ultra Boost which typically retail around the £100 mark. But when you compare Yeezy brand shoes with the luxury trainers from the brands like Balenciaga or Alexander McQueen, Yeezy shoes are more affordable. I think the majority of the people don’t pay retail for Yeezys because of the limited availability of most of their shoe models. But they will have to be paid in a secondary market process that fluctuates drastically based on the demand and selling rates.

Yeezy’s business strategy: if for example there are ten thousand people ready to buy Yeezys, they release only nine thousand, which is less production than the demand. When demand outweighs supply, the chances of getting them for more price increases from the resellers. 

What are the most expensive Yeezys 

Yeezys dominates the market where we are not just talking about retail pricing while when it comes to limited releases, there is always a market for releases and auctions. I have listed the top three Yeezys that are most expensive. 

Nike Air Yeezy 1 Grammy Prototype-£39,000+

These are the most expensive Yeezys. Kanye West wore them by himself at the 2008 Germany awards. This prototype shoe was produced as a promo shot to the real pair, which would be released the next year. The real Yeezys if this model worked very well in the market. 

Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October-£9,000+

They are in the most expensive list because of their surprise release. It went mad rush to the Nike site for customers, selling out in minutes and improved resale costs up to insane levels. Your brain would just about touch the sky looking at the price tag. It’s resale price ranges from $11,000-$17,000. Price also depend on the size. Before Kanye collaborating with Adidas, he partnered with Nike on different products such as Nike Air Yeezy 2 NRG and Nike Air Yeezy 1. Both together at resales, nothing comes closer to the price of Red October. These Red Octorbers sold out just in 11 minutes and retailed for $300. 

Adidas Yeezy 350 pirate black-£2,900+

Although they are reasonably standard pair of Yeezys, the colour was massively popular with sneakerheads. Their style suited all user needs and immediately sold out of their limited stocks. 

Who Makes Yeezys?

Yeezys are a most popular brand of sneakers which are the result of a collaboration between Kanye West and Adidas. They are the most popular sneakers in the world with the most sneaker influence. Kanye joined as the chief sneaker designer on the job with the three stripes. He involves and manages every slice of the procedure and even shares sketches of future Yeezys. He got good control out of your expectations in any other collaboration. 

Sneakers are attracting modern shoppers nowadays. Comfort and fit are the essential factors considered. Yeezys are incredibly popular, some people also say that any sneaker branded with Kanye West’s name creates raffles, hype and debates. Yeezys are cool and widely recognised sneakers collaborated with Adidas. They are available in different varieties, also solidly reflective pairs. After collaboration with Adidas, reviewers say they have improved design and made comfortable outlines with cushioning.

This is applied in all the models of Yeezys. There are a lot more things to be known other than comfort and fit. Yeezy has a good selling and promotion marketing strategy, and became a cult product. Kanye West coming in support of Donald Trump and promoting his footwear and collections. His talks on Yeezy’s accomplishments have gained a lot of attention. Being in the list of top hottest brands, West referred to Yeezy as a unicorn on its way to becoming a decacorn. Kanye is a marketing expert. Yeezys have social media hype. 


  1. Is Yeezy worth buying?

    Yeezy is one of the most top and popular brands all over the world. I think, Yeezys just isn't worth the hype or either lotta money it costs. If you want to get them, go buy them. They are the most comfortable shoes.

  2. How can you tell if Yeezys are fake?

    To know whether you are buying real Yeezys or fake ones Check on this list I mentioned for real Yeezys: Match tag details to box details, Check the wave pattern, Check the middle stitching, Check the heel details, Check the insoles, Check the outsole, Check the side logo.

  3. How much does it actually cost to make Yeezys?

    As per my review, the actual manufacturing cost of a pair of Yeezy Adidas shoes is $76, then is retailed for $350 USD. 

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