Why is the Converse Logo on the Inside of the Shoe?

Have you also ever found yourself wondering, “Why is the converse logo on the inside of the Shoe?”. It is a startling realization that converse has its logo on the inside instead of the outside. Their logos face each other so other people cannot really see whether the logo is there or not. This feature has now also become their defining feature and how people differentiate between the fake Converse shoes and the real ones. The explanations to certain questions are really simple and the answer to this query is going to be one of those.

What Does The Converse Logo Mean?

Converse sneakers used to come with “Converse” inscribed in lowercases on the right side of the black star symbol as early as 1963. The logo was as simple as it could be while yet catching everyone’s attention and being a distinguishing element for the organization. The five-point star was chosen as a symbol of excellence and high quality, while the “converse” lettering conveyed a sense of warmth and amusement. This became a defining element of both the shoes and the entire company.

In 1977, in the slight upgrade of the logo, the star was now placed inside a square box, with the text “CONVERSE” below the symbol. This gave the logo a more powerful image. A redesigned logo was introduced in 2003, with the star in a black circle. This showed the co-existence of light and dark, powerful and solid, giving their shoes a new meaning altogether. After having continued with the same logo for three years, in 2007 the brand went back to the logo that they had created in 2007. The black star designed then, placed near the chevron had come to be a symbol of progress and energy.

In 2011, the company looked back at the logo from 1977, with the black text and a white star inside a circle, which has now almost become a standard logo of the brand. This logo gained immense popularity and made the brand renowned all over the globe. In 2017, the brand decided to mix the 1900s and 2000s by taking the emblem from the 1970s and the text from the 2010s. Such simplistic logos that have come to define the brand display the timelessness and the power of simplicity and minimalism. The logo appears stylish and bright and has stayed popular throughout the changes they have been through.

Is The Converse Logo On The Inside Or Outside?

The converse logo has always been on the inside of the shoes but if you have seen them on the outside, you are not wrong because some of their shoes have the logo on the outside as well. All converse shoe star logo faces each other when they are worn, with The only exceptions being the Jewel All-Star (logo on the outside) and the All-Star 2000 (logo on both sides). The brand’s exceptional idea of having the logo on the design has given them a unique appearance and thus they have come to redefine style as people knew it. People have come to believe that all converse shoes have their logos on the inside but like aforementioned that is not always the case. The Chuck Taylors, Jewel All-Star and All-Star 2000 do come with the exception of having the logo on the outside or both sides and are as original as it gets.

Why Is The Converse Logo On The Inside?

The question “Why is the Converse logo on the inside?” has often been asked by many people who did not really get the concept of the logo on the inside as it is fairly new. The answer might not sound as interesting as the question itself because the company has very clearly stated that they did so only for the style. The style was the driving force behind such an innovative idea of doing something so different yet so stylish. Since then this feature has been such a redefining feature in the shoe business, wherein all brands put their brand logo in bold on the outer side to popularize the brand, converse did so by reversing the entire idea of the placement of the logo, which was a power move, to be honest. So, the bottom line for their logo to be outside is simply that it becoming a style icon which, as history tells, has been proven true.

Why Did Converse Change Their Logo Placement?

Converse has not really changed the logo placement of their shoes. Their Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes attest to the fact that their logo placement has been the same throughout. They have always been on the inside of the shoes placing each other instead of facing outwards. The only two exceptions to this logo placement have been the Jewel All-Star and the All-Star 2000. If you see their logo placed on the outside in any of their other models or design, know for a fact that they are not original converse shoes.

Converse, since it came to existence has experimented a lot with its logo, changing the colour of the stars or the shapes where they are places or the background of the shapes both stars or any other, but their logo placement has remained the same throughout. This has come to be a defining factor for the shoes as well and has become immensely popular like that.


  1. Was the Converse logo on the outside at first?

    No, the Converse logo has been on the inside ever since the company came to being.

  2. Why did Converse choose their logo?

    The converse logo represents power and comfort and solidity as well which are the three qualities people are often looking for in a shoe.

  3. What is the meaning behind Converse?

    Converse started making an early basketball shoe in 1917 and redesigned it in 1922 when Chuck Taylor asked the company to create a better shoe with more support and flexibility.

  4. When was the Converse logo created?

    The converse brand came into existence in the 1930s but it was only in 1962, did they make their logo official.

  5. What is the symbolic form of the Converse?

    The converse is denoted by a five-pointed star usually inside another shape of some the colour black or white.


The question “Why a converse logo is on the inside of the shoe?” has made a lot of people think about it deeply as people often do not realize that that is the case with the shoes until explicitly pointed out. These shoes have become popular with their logo as a symbol of the fashion icon. Their eccentric placing of the logo has given them an edge over the other shoes which works in their favor when put alongside the other feature like comfort, stability and the versatility of the shoes.

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